LED is the answer

The big thing about LED’s is that you’re guaranteed similar light for longer, at a much lower cost.  The average household halogen lamp uses 42W of electricity, compared to the average LED lamp of just 6W, but still produces a similar light and brightness. Effectively, this means that while the LED costs more per unit, […]

Stock Clearance Sale

We are having a grand clearance sale on golden oldies which we will no longer be stocking. On special – Eurolux and Radiant downlighters, assorted childrens’ light fittings, chandeliers, spotlights and many more. Prices have been slashed. Please come and browse – you may pick up something you like for a fantastic price. We also […]


Do I Need Pure Sine or Modified Sine Wave Power? Pure sine wave inverters offer perfect power just like the power that comes from the mains. Modified Sine Wave power is slightly different but manages to fool most equipment successfully. Unfortunately there are some very poor quality modified sine wave inverters on the market These […]